About Adam

Help Adam raise $5,400 for Challenged Athletes Foundation

There are 54 time stations in the Race Across America. Adam is challenging you to help raise $100 for every time station in RAAM.


Adam training near Ranchita, CA (Photo Credit — DSU Photography)

Who is Adam?

Adam Bickett is an ultra-cyclist based out of Southern California.  He finds great value in the personal discovery and rigorous demands of long distance cycling, and hopes to show others that they also can push their own boundaries and find purpose, happiness, and fulfillment in the process.

What’s the deal with the WildeBeast and why is it spelled wrong?

The even-toed horned ungulate native antelope of the African plains is a wildebeest.  Adam is Wildebeast. The moniker  was bestowed on Adam by his teammates during training for the 2012 8-man Race Across America (RAAM) with Team ViaSat – in reference to his disregard for humane paces, beastlike thrashing about on the bike, inner ferocity, and tendency to become filthy.

What’s Next?

10 years after his first double century (200 mile ride), Adam raced the 2014 Race Across the West, finishing a close second over the 880 mile course.  This is the first section of, and a stepping stone toward the looming goal now on the horizon: Race Across America. RAAM is the legendary 3,000 mile transcontinental, non-stop race from Oceanside to Annapolis, Maryland that is arguably the most grueling race in the world.