Image by David Su /DSU Photography

On RAAM Goals

What’s your goal? Past the “why?”…this is the next most common question about RAAM. What it really means is – how fast are you? What place will you get? How many days? It is a race across America after all. This is a competition, and by its very nature, sport is a competitive enterprise. But
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Photo by David Su / DSU Photography

Are You Ready for RAAM?

I still haven’t come up with an answer to the question that I hear most often, now that we’re just a few weeks away from the Race Across America. In a way I answered it back in August, when I submitted my registration, wired and exhausted in my hotel room in St. George Utah –
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Ready to climb Yarnell Grade outside of Yarnell, AZ.

Year in Review – Training Thoughts

  When discussing RAAM and ultra cycling with others, right after “Why would you even want to do that?” I often hear – “How do you train for that??”  Or…”You must go crazy with all the training…”,  or…”wait, you have a job!?” Even those that do understand, and aspire to race the longer ultra events
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Sunbeams on Skyline

On The Lows of the Journey

  The pain and difficulty of the moment is all too familiar.  The road , stoic and unmoving, companion of the traveler  – looms sinister now. Once simply observing, it now sneers at your suffering as it zooms above and ahead, challenging your faltering pace from the far off horizon. The surrounding hills watch the show. The roadside begins to beckon. Just a
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