Sunset in Glamis, CA

Gallery: 400 Mile RAW Pre-Ride — First 12 Hours

As final preparation for the Race Across the West (RAW), WildeBeast (Adam Bickett) started riding on Saturday morning, 4/23, and didn’t stop riding until more than 24 hours later.  Adam rode through headwinds, sand storms, and a beautiful calm night during his final tuneup before RAW. Below are some of the standout images from the
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The Nature of the Beast. 5 Studies in Suffering.

Ultra cycling is not defined by the inherent suffering in the sport – but the overcoming of its hardships is key to what makes it so rewarding. There of course is no way to truly quantify and compare the pain of a single event. But over the past 5 years, some memories persist, and I’ve put
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Adam Bickett racing through the desert.

Gallery: RAAM Cycling Challenge — SoCal

Adam Bickett and WildeBeast Racing recently raced in the RAAM Cycling Challenge — SoCal. Adam covered the 400 miles in a new course record of 23 hours, 19 minutes, and 30 seconds. The below gallery includes amazing images and a video from DSU Photography.

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